Senior. Years 10+

When The Darkeness Falls.

By Ella Ogier, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

Lucy Wolf. Your average teen, with a dark secret. Her chocolate curls turned to rough fur and deep cocoa eyes to piercing wine, all control is lost when the darkness falls.

As the loner she was, she isolated herself, alienated from her peers, all but one. Jordan Stone. He was her everything, he just didn't know it yet. One day, something was off, Jordan was talking to Lucy. Now this, is a very rare occurrence indeed. The rest of that day was spent together, as was the rest of the month. Their relationship grew and grew as did the burning urge to let out her secret.

A few months had gone by and they were eventually boyfriend and girlfriend, she had merely escaped being caught in the form of the monster. She would tell him one day, one day, but not today. It was a Thursday evening and they were out to dinner for their six month anniversary, all was running smoothly. As the night grew closer, so did the monster's time to shine.

As the restaurant clock hit 9 o’clock, Lucy could feel her mouth begin to water and her back begin to ache and hunch. It was coming. She had to get out of there, and fast.

“I need to go,” she said shortly to Jordan.

She ran out of the restaurant feeling black blade-like spikes shoot out of her back, fur began to rapidly grow all over her, and her eyes changed from brown to menacing purple, she had lost all control. This is the thing she had been running from her whole life, herself. Just as she had almost completed her transformation, Jordan sprinted after her and gazed at the beast before him in terror.

“Lucy?” he questioned.

It said nothing. It couldn’t, it just stood there, teeth bared, eyes pointed at him like two pistols, loaded, about to fire. Suddenly, the beast pounced on Jordan, tearing him limb from limb. It was over within seconds. There he lay, the one thing she loved bathing in his own blood, gone. And all because of her.

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