Senior. Years 10+

Waking up in reality

By Ella Duckworth, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

Waking up in Reality.

One hour till bed. I want to sleep through the night like any normal 11 year old boy. Yet my fears manifest at night and I slip away from any form of reality, entering a world filled with my biggest phobias. I try and conquer one every night - however I am trapped until I overcome this horrible feeling, but something always stops me...

10pm. “We’ll be okay bear, just a few more nights.”

I lay awake. Eyes open. Staring blankly at my ceiling. Minutes are quickly turning into hours. I am waiting for the tick of my alarm clock but the space between the time feels like an eternity. My mind begins racing frantically and I start to wonder if I’ll ever get trapped in my fears - "if I never conquer them, then am I stuck?"

I pull my covers tight to my chest and my grip suffocates my teddy. My alarm clock is mocking me. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. It’s going to happen! I know it, I can feel my eyes gradually closing. This is it; I’m going to sleep.

I am so scared.

Instantly my eyes open and I wake up in complete shock. I jump out of my skin. I hastily turn my head left to right and check my surroundings. "Where am I?"

I’m cold. So cold. The wind takes my covers from under my feet and I’m left lying isolated. Just me and my bear. I hold him close. I’m not letting go.

I take one nervous, uneasy step out of my bed. My knees are weak and I am trembling with fear. This is it Heights... My biggest fear, the one night I have been dreading for weeks upon weeks. "Is this where I get trapped?"

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