Senior. Years 10+

Under Threat

By Archie Annan, year 10+, Elizabeth College

His population was at its most vulnerable. The cerulean blue ocean was gradually beginning to rise as the illiterate boy’s breath grew shorter every second. Each febrile hair on his skin reappeared rigid as if he had been shocked or mortally wounded by a device of destruction.

“Look what I found!” exclaimed Felix. His eyes were similar to vortexes with the capability to lure the most vulnerable into a trance.

A rambunctious voice shook the sand beneath the boy’s feet.

“Our lives are in your hands” chanted countless creatures, their gills opening and closing expeditiously. Many had moved homes. No place would ever be deemed safe for their trembling souls.

“I won’t hurt you” bellowed Felix. Giving the weakened population no time to take shelter, a weapon was released into the clear abyss. Scream after scream. Shriek after shriek. There was no chance of their survival. Thousands of shoals scurried rapidly. Despite countless efforts from the majority, it was too late.

There were no signs of bumps or bruises. Yet, calamitous corpses floated ominously leaving venomous trails of horror behind.

“There are so many” shouted the innocent boy creating ripples on the calm surface. Those of whom would become fortunate enough to survive could sense their debilitated fates closing in on the horizon.

“We shall visit again” whispered the boy’s malevolent father, clueless to the brutality which his son had just caused. Inaudibly the sun perished, sheathed by the land's source of hydration.Dozens of rocks, old and wise stood still remembering the many fatalities.

“I found many friends” said Felix, his face brutally burnt. Carefully, they foraged for the nearest exit. Light was limited. The wind howled maliciously.

Formidable water viciously attacked the panicking pair desperately crying for help.

“You’ve created your own storm” murmured multiple malefic creatures.

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