Senior. Years 10+

The School Trip

By Chloe Ferbrache, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

The School Trip

“Come on!” Troye exclaimed. Abby, Troye and Bella were on a school trip. One they’d never forget. They’d slipped away from the group and gone to the beach.

“I don’t think it's a good idea.” Bella uttered, looking at the sand.

“You're seriously scared of a cave?” Abby questioned, rich with sarcasm.

Inside: eery, silent, darker with every step. Troye led the way, treading along smooth, slippery pebbles into the abyss. “It's amazing!” Abby cried as she ran her hand across the rugged walls. Slim stalactites sharp as spears shot downwards.

Suddenly, a vicious wind started to hurtle around the three helpless children; tossing pebbles and dirt around like a ferocious tornado. “What’s happening?” Bella screamed, barely holding herself up against the overbearing blast.


A gentle breeze brushed against Bella’s cheek, she woke. “Where am ?” She was in the cave, dazed and vulnerable. “Wake up!” Bella hissed, shaking them harshly as their eyes opened.

“What happened?” They asked in unison. No answer. A blinding light cascaded into the cave. Together, they made it out. The children found...

Rainforests. Humongous beasts with scales and feathers of every colour. Neverending vines hanging from the sky. Out of nowhere, a colossal dragon swooped towards the children with small elves clinging onto it.

“Who are you?” An elf demanded. The children explained that they were lost. “Well, since you're here, please help us fight the giants!” The children were confused.

“Giants?” Bella questioned. They were told about how there was bad blood with the giants, they were coming to attack.

One elf pointed to the dome, they hadn't noticed this. “This is all we have.” It glistened in the blazing sunlight. They decided they must help.

Thundering booms came from outside the dome, growing louder. The giants were here...

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