Senior. Years 10+

The Ice Mountain

By Joe Fossey, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

The snow began to fall heavily around us, the cold biting at our exposed faces as we slowly snowshoed up the precarious mountain face. “What was the point of this hike? You knew it was meant to be bad weather!” I shouted at the instructor.

“Come on man, don't get despondent, let's just find some shelter.”

“Despondent… What does that even mean?”

As we carried on ascending the mountain, the cold became more apparent, freezing the tips of my gloves. We finally reached a crevice in the mountain and as it looked safe, the instructor began to make his way through. After making my way through the crevice the first thing I saw was the massive opening of what looked like a cave; it was a cave but completely made of ice!

Huge stalactites hung from the craggy roof of the massive cave. Huge columns of ice that gave off a blue light as the daylight tried to peek through the cave mouth. The ice formed mysterious shapes of frozen water, water that looked as though it had been held in time for hundreds of years waiting for the air to finally warm it and return it to its original form.

We moved in silence through the chamber, gasping at the natural wonders that had formed in this hidden world. “Did you know this cave was here?” I asked our guide.

He looked startled, “It’s never looked like this before, it’s amazing, absolutely amazing!” You could even hear the water which was still flowing around the outside of the cave hitting the already frozen walls.

We began to try and make our way out after an idiot in our group hit the wall with an ice pick, sending a loud ring through the tunnels in the cave and cracking a stalactite.

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