Senior. Years 10+

On the other side

By Jessica Bruce-Davies, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

The bleak, worn and torn walls of the hospital surrounded me like a glove. It was silent. A clipboard was clipped tightly against the bed frame. It read: Audrey, age 11. Tears ran suddenly down my cheeks and onto the stained white bed sheets I lay on. I was worried, weak and wheezy. The hospital environment didn't help. I swivelled my feet so they were hanging off the bed, then clambered off. I chucked on a pair of jeans and a top with a rip in the shoulder. The floorboards cracked as I made several steps towards the door. As I opened the door, light burst into my room filling it with warmth.

I snuck my way down the narrow hallway and into the reception where I left through the double doors to the back garden. I ventured down to the back of the garden only to notice an archway smothered in vines and thorns. My mind pulled my body in towards the opening of the archway. I took a breath and placed my hand on a vine moving it out of the way and walked through...

The outstretch of buildings and gardens left me speechless. Sick people smothered the land like a rash. These people were once being cared for hundreds of years ago. Was this a world where everyone was stuck in time? I began to look around. After what felt like ages, I decided to head back. But then I heard someone shout "if you go back you may not survive because it will have moved on many years". Thoughts filled my mind. Do I go back and risk my life and potentially see my family or stay here and live a life stuck in time?...

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