Senior. Years 10+


By Peter Birch, year 10+, Elizabeth College

The sun was setting over the horizon; the sky shining gold and the lake as ever glassy smooth. The way it reflected light was strange and unlike anything you see in the world. There are many a tale about mirror lake. Every year people try to find out what is going on. But no matter how many try no one. No one ever returns from those twisted waters.

The stories that are told of this not so natural phenomenon range from ghosts and ghouls to mythical creatures and Loch Ness monsters. I do not believe any of these tales.

Suddenly, my old friend comes out of the blue and shocks me.

“Hello mate, you still want to; go for a swim,” he says with a glint of excitement in his voice.

“Of course,” I reply reluctantly. “We’ve been planning this for years; how could I not want to go.”

So off we went, walking in dead silence both secretly dreading what could happen. Before we know it, we were there. Standing on the end of the old dock which jutted out over the water. My toes jutted out over the edge, my gaze focused on the water staring at my reflection which was staring straight back at me. I didn’t notice Justin walking round behind me. Getting closer. And closer…

Then It happened.

Feeling a sharp push, I fell; but I didn’t hit a wall of water. I fell through the water and landed on the other side. The lake wasn’t full of water. It was a gateway to an identical world.

“Hello,” I shouted. My words just rang back at me. I was alone completely alone. Everything was identical to the real world. Except there was no water in the lake and not a single soul in sight.

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