Senior. Years 10+

Imaginary world

By Talia Nuttall, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

It was 8:11am and I was sitting by myself on the old school bus as usual. The wheels were rolling round, the engine was whining, and the windscreen wipers were screaming.

My eyes averted towards the window that concealed the raindrops that streamed like tears, and the clouds that painfully stretched across the sky.

My mind began to race to a happier place, and soon I found myself in a beautifully alert yet peaceful setting.

This time the old school bus was decked out with a travel-size kitchen, a pull-out sofa bed, and a wall crowded with photos of exciting places that I knew I hadn’t been to, yet recognised so well.

The bus eventually came to a stop, just on the edge of a place that seemed to be created right before my eyes.

The land grew wider and flowers grew taller, constructing what looked like a colourful and magical looking maze. I stepped out of the homely bus and ventured in to see what I could find.

After 10 long minutes of trying to find my way through the maze, I came to a small clearing. In the middle stood a tall and twisting beanstalk that grew beyond the clouds and through to the moon and the stars. “What on earth could this be for?” I muttered out loud to myself. A large and bright leaf then lowered itself down to my level, inviting me to hop on. I let myself be lifted up, encased in a tight green pod.

The beanstalk gently elevated me to different platforms, each one giving me an insight into different places in the world, just like the places in the photos.

I became overwhelmed with new happy feelings, with each new place I got to visit. I felt the happiest I'd ever been, and felt as though I was on top of the world; until I got so high that I rapidly plummeted down back to my dull seat on the school bus.

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