Senior. Years 10+

Glenn's first day

By Charlie Clapham, year 10+, Elizabeth College

Glenn had just arrived at school on his first day of year seven. His first two lessons flew by and at break, he decided to head to the toilets. Hardly being able to reach the door handle, with all his strength, Glenn shoved the door open. Inside, there were several other boys minding their own business and as you would expect, Glenn paid no notice.

One of the boys looked over to his friend and shouted,

‘What we got next Kelvin?’

With this, Kelvin replied, ‘Dunno, probs some rubbish like usual’.

After listening in, again not raising an eyebrow, Glenn headed towards the door, but he saw the legs and feet of the boys dangling over the door. After looking slightly further up he soon realized that they were sitting on a ledge completely blocking the entrance and exit. As Glenn was quite a confident boy, he made eye contact with the boys to ask them if they could move. He froze…

Thick, greasy green hair covered their faces, their eyelashes came out about a meter over each side of their faces. Horrifyingly, their eyes and lips were perfectly normal, but this made them look all the more terrifying because they were not human.

Glenn didn’t know what to do to - be scared or to act casual? Suddenly, his mind was made for him as he realized he hadn’t washed his hands. The perfect excuse to edge away from the situation and try to work out what to do.

As he approached the sinks, he looked back towards the so-called ‘boys’ and took three deep breaths to relax. After calming himself down, he stared into his own eyes in the mirror. What he saw at that moment certainly raised his pulse even more than before…

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