Senior. Years 10+


By Amara Mcinerney, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

Discoloured green walls surround me every step I take. Wandering into a desolated room I slump myself onto the red ratty chair pinning my droopy eyes to the floor. Using my frail foot I kick around a loose chipping from the floorboards wondering what it would be like if I was to live in a real home. A real home with a real family. Not an aging orphanage with nothing to do other than dreaming of things I’d love to be before I grow old.

Strolling back to my deteriorating room the alarm clock reads 18:07 pm. Tucking myself into bed I fold over the stained blue bed sheets when I suddenly get a shiver rushing down my spine, the room is now one big blur and “BANG!” I’ve fallen. I have fallen face first onto the floor. What do I do? I cant move a muscle. My mouth won’t open and there’s no one to call for. Minutes go by and still no sign of anyone. I’m lying here alone.

The past hour was one big blur, I don’t remember a thing, then all of a sudden a high-pitched tone rings through my ear. Before I know it I'm out into a deep, deep sleep. All I can hear are the nurses mumbling into the distance but one word stands out, “coma”. My heart starts racing, hearing every beat it makes, I feel the blood pumping around my body running so fast.

Waking up I find myself sitting in an open field covered in daisies. I’m so confused. It's all so real! On my left I can hear the birds chirping in the trees along with a group of friends playing on the swings. And on my right I hear the waves crashing against the rocks on the beach with families eating ice creams and children building sand castles. It's what i’ve always wanted. This is the life i’ve always wanted to live.

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