Senior. Years 10+

A world torn apart.

By Charlie Roberts, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

I remember when this all began. 1914 when the boys went away to fight in a great and noble war. And now in 1958 I'm still here. In this same blasted trench. The First World War ended in chaos. Germany inflicted such heavy losses on us that Britain and France were forced to surrender. Then came the communist revolutions. The British and French empires were no more. In there place arose the British union and the French commune. Germany had total dominance, not just in Europe but in the world. I joined up underaged at 13 in 1916 to go and fight in the glorious war. And now aged 55 I still remain here. I've seen so much. The rise and fall of the free American fascist empire, the deaths of millions of men, the destruction of democracy. The diminishment of the Soviet Union. The Second World War. In 1923 we found out the German "kaiserlichereich" were using prisoners of war for slave Labour and that simply didn't sit with the communist British and French nations. Though greatly weakened we went to war on principle. And now look. Still a long and bloody stalemate. Still millions dying. The British royal family can't intervene as they are now just figureheads, reminders of a long past time of imperialism and "glory." The slaughter just continues unendingly. The kaiser will never be happy until he has inflicted as many losses on us as possible, to break us. But now we're pushing back. No matter what, we will show the imperialists the international communist syndicate will not be destroyed. We will show them the fall of their Reich. But for how long can we continue? I just wait. Either for war's end...or mine. "Never again" they said the first time. Just empty words. Lies.

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