Senior. Years 10+


By Adam Le Poidevin, year 10+, Elizabeth College

"Do you think the world is real?" asked David.

"I don't know what you mean," said Rachel, "Of course it is."

"To us, yes," he continued. His hand was gently curling her hair as they sat and looked out at the moons over the ocean, her head in his lap. "But are we real? Or, if there is a God, how do we know we're not some figment of his imagination?"

She turned her head to look at him. "What we see is real. It has to be."

"But even that's not true," David persisted. "Look at the ocean. Look at how still it appears. Now, if one of us were to fall into it, we'd find out firsthand that, beneath the surface, it's rough enough to kill. Just because something looks calm at first..." His voice trailed off.

The two sat in silence for a moment. Rachel broke it, saying, "Can you imagine a world without me?"

"You are my world," he replied, deadpan.

Rachel laughed. "Seriously, can you imagine life without me? Or without any of your friends? Can you imagine not knowing Ashley, or-"

His fingers tightened almost imperceptibly in her hair. She carried on talking: "I don't think I can imagine living in a world where you don't exist. You're the only person I could ever truly love, and I know you feel the same w-"

David interrupted her. "It's getting dark. We should be heading back."

She rose and walked to the edge of the cliffs. "Just come over here and look out." He followed, and side by side they watched as one moon dipped beneath the horizon, the other rising yet higher into the sky.

"Beautiful," David breathed.

"Isn't it just," said Rachel sweetly, and gently pushed him forwards.

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