Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Ying Yang World

By Imijen Leale, year 5, Vauvert School

In the world of Ying Yang, half of the world is moody and the other side is happy. This story of the world started a long, long time ago when Ying Yang was not yet a thing. On the moody side of the world there were gnomes, veg and plants (very moody plants). Their houses were ovals and there were trees with no leaves. Also an area with benches in a square with a bonfire in the middle.

On the bright side there was grass as green as limes, fresh from the greenest trees that blossom all year round! Perfect houses as small as doll houses. Water as clear as glass that shone in the sunlight. Parks where the young elves played. Every day was the sunniest day but the world was not perfect, there was a swampy lake between the sides, but no one ever crossed! There were two bridges but they were closed off and no one dreamed of crossing.

Many years later, the elves and gnomes got on with their lives, but eventually the gnomes and elves got bored of their side of the world. For the first time ever they looked at each other’s side of the world. The elves thought how wonderful their plants and veg looked! The gnomes were impressed by the water as clear as glass. So, for the first time ever they crossed the bridge, the elves loved their supplies and the gnomes loved their grass as green as limes.

They wanted all of the other’s things for themselves! They met on the bridge and tried to push past each other. Then suddenly the bridge broke and they all fell in, transforming into humans. To this day we don’t know who were gnomes and who were elves.

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