Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Railee Bamford, year 6, Vauvert School

The usual duo Jack and Ben. Ben always hates every day, but Jack, on the other hand, always has a great day. Finally Ben one day thought that there was a chance. Ben was shocked at what was going on, “Jack look, in the sky!” “Ben there’s nothing there.” He thought. Ben checked the time just in case, about 7:00, time it would get dark, but everyone’s house was completely blank for some reason.

“Ummmmm Jack look up!” “ Wow!” So Jack looked up in shock. “There there … There are so many planes!”

“But what are they dropping?” “BOMBS!” “But its 2019!” “I know.” Unfortunately Ben and Jack had to give up their home and run away, but Jack wouldn’t give up his home he thaught it was magical it made the world magical. It did. “Uhh what ?”

That!” Jack pointed in the sky nervously. Jack ran towards the house he wouldn’t give up on it.

“You were right it’s a bomb!” Ben still struggled to hold Jack back away from the house. “What’s that sound?” BOOM. POW, BANG! Right behind them was an explosion. Ben finally got Jack to give up on the house. He was losing his mind, Jack wasn’t realising he was walking towards a bomb. BOOM. The both were hurt but still alive.

Somehow Jack got all his memories back and realised everything. As they looked up again they heard an inordinate amount of bombs dropping around them. KABOOM! Left.Right,everywere. Jack realised that their house was next to be bombed. But he tried and tried his hardest to stop his house from getting bombed. Jack and Ben were helpless to save their home but magically their house blew away the bomb into the lake. Kaboom goes again. Jack knew it was magical.

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