Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

World War Food

By Gisele Jones, year 5, Vauvert School

In a world that was once calm a war broke out on the lovely green grass that was in food mania. Food mania was that type of place that you would think that nothing would go wrong, but no your wrong, very wrong. On food mania lived leaks and they lived in their mushroom houses and on the other side of the crystal clear lake lived gingerbread men in their gingerbread houses. They use to be the best of friends until one of the gingerbread men ate the top of a leak ,that’s why their bumpy at the top, because it was hungry. And that is why they are enemies! they hated each other so much that they built a wall. The leaks built a carrot wall and the gingerbread men built a Dorito wall but the Doritos have a formula which melted the blue and pink candyfloss trees. Now the gingerbread men want to go the leaks side but the president called Mr Ginger no, no no! you are not allowed they are our enemies. Soon after a creature that looked like a mix of a leak and a gingerbread man came floating down gracefully and said stop this has been happening for hundreds of years, so stop. Later they crossed the beautiful green grass swam though the crystal clear river, stumbled though the orange carrot wall, sprinted though their green broccoli trees ran on the leaks grass bellowed SORRY! The leaks shouted back thank you. They became best friends again. They took down their walls, they built bridges over the lake and finally the candyfloss trees blossomed back.

What side would you be on?

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