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Welcome Home to Horror…………

By Ella Burchell, year 5, Notre Dame School

Welcome home to horror…………

In a different dimension,one you would not like to discover, lived the blood-thirty Zagan. Now Zagan ruled a dreadful place called Ethona but Ethona is not exactly your family holiday location.It is more or less a horror story come to life, as there are places like Mountains of Survival,Forest of the Unknown,Unseen Werewolves Point, Slaughterville, Death Seekers Home and the worst place in the universe Zagan’s Fortress of Fear.The reason this is the worst place is because when you go in you DON’T come out. You go in for torture and because it has the walk cliff walk called Prisoner’s Walk that has no barriers, no end and no clear sight to the bottom! Zagan is forever covered in blood, cackling a horrible laugh and wearing red and black.He has no sympathy for anyone, not even those in need! One day, he saw happiness so he roared up and said”What do think you are doing having fun ? How dare you, guards take them away!”That was that and none of them were seen again!

After that day Zagan decided that any happiness and they would have their own blood poured on them and would be executed……..From that day forward, Zagan would go around terrorising innocent people, slaughtering their families and breaking hearts.Even when he said sorry they knew he didn’t mean it and secretly hated him.He always went off cackling his horrible laugh.After a while, he stopped this and started to send innocent people to rob other people’s houses forcing the robbed into Death Seeker’s House. Sadly in the end he forced every single life to be lost.Every life was lost but no lives were found and that was end of Ethona…………..

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