Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Weather World

By Charlie Bird, year 6, La Houguette School

Once upon a time, there was a youngish boy who was watching his favourite television show

but then he accidentally changed the channel to the News and the weather-forcast came on. Whilst he was watching the news he fell asleep but whilst he was asleep he dreamed of a very unusual world... What am I doing here? Where am I?

I saw something in the distance. " Hello, anybody there?" I said nervously as I waited for a

response from who ever was there, I waited five or so minutes and then I ran to the safest place.

I saw a weird thing coming towards me at some pace.

"How are you?"

" What are you going to do with me?"

" You shall follow me to the temple of Weather World!"

" What! Weather World .Where's that?"

" Well Well… No time for questions. We've got to go and first weather world depends on us. Now let's go and quick! We don’t have long now. Move!"

"Ok! I’m coming, I’m coming."

" Good now can you control a ship?"

"No because you're driving"

" I’m 198 years old. I can’t do what I could have done 177 years ago. "

"Ok. Well I’ll give it a go and then up, up and away.."

"Ok now here's the plan. You’ll sneak through past the guards."

"And and what are you going to do?"

"I’m going in ok. Meet at wherever we're at..It’s called sunny sector. Ok. Good luck."

"You too."

"Let’s do this this year! Ok I can see the guards "

"How many? 1’2’3’4’5 ok let’s say there’s a lot of them. HOW are you? Ahah, Kid."

He must have had a short time to go and rescue my sidekick again, right now if I were a bad guy where would I be?

To Be Continued...

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