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Voracious Pacific

By Isabella Shand, year 6, La Houguette School

“Mum, Dad, I am leaving. I want to be free. I want to explore the world!” I take a deep breath and step outside but wait. I see a blue door appear, it is pulling me to come closer. I am mesmerised at this moment and I open the door. It is dark and gloomy. Frightened, I go inside! I open my eyes. There is blue sky everywhere. I get up but I realise that on the left side it is warm and on the right side it is a bit chilly! Wait a minute, I am half in Spring but half in Summer. I walk in to Spring there is a massive blossom tree ! Wanting to have a better look round, I climb it there is loads of land split up into Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter climbing down I see a little boat. Having the same feeling as the door did pulling me to the boat thinking hmm let’s explore! On the boat, I enter Summer it is hot quite hot exploring even more I see a weeping willow tree a book with gold lining a pencil with gold shavings and a perfect space for me to sit. I start to draw. The silk gold shavings are soft to touch. Drawing leaves bark water around a rainbow, the map is coming together. Having finished the map, I am wondering what this island is called? Maybe the lost and mysterious name is at the end of the rainbow. I jump down on the hunt for the name. Looking around, I see where the rainbow ends but it ends in the pit of doom! I walk towards the pit hoping the guards are asleep but no. I guess you will have to find out what happens next time...

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Tillie’s adventure

By ines duarte mineiro, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

Tillie was an ordinary girl, living what she found to be a boring life .

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By Elliot Leavey, year 5, Vauvert School

In the midst of space there was a land. A land called Candyland! There lived Tragles, very mysterious creatures...

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By Railee Bamford, year 6, Vauvert School

The usual duo Jack and Ben. Ben always hates every day, but Jack on the other hand always has a great day.

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By lewis collins, year 9, Grammar School

Ahhhh Gametopolis, what a wonderful place it is. I am Mario jr. and I will be telling you a story...

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Ying Yang World

By Imijen Leale, year 5, Vauvert School

In the world of Ying Yang, half of the world is moody and the other side is happy...

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The old floorboards

By Siena Sensi, year 5, Amherst School

It was a late boring,windy night,at the creepy old abandoned house.It was so old that tried to look...

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By Edith Montague, year 5, Notre Dame School

Cadencia was a peaceful place, nobody ever worried about the day ahead until... March 15th...

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By Abi Wallen, year 6, Blanchelande School

Broken The attic broke and fell on me! I screamed, the wood was digging into my head, I thought I w...

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Gone Away...

By Alex vasic, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

One unlit morning in 1938 I fell out of my bed. Later I went down the stairs full of dread. I went in...

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Candy Cane World

By Tallulah-Mae Rautenbach, year 4, Blanchelande School

“Wow w-w-w where are we Phil?’’ I whispered. “Do you know?” ” Sorry I don’t, Lily ‘’Phil answered...

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