Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

View from a hospital bed

By Pierre Datta, year 5, La Houguette School

I picked up the newspaper and read:

The city had never been so busy. Hoards of people crowded as close as possible the colossal crack in the earth, police pushing them back. From Cape Town to Simon's Town a fault had devoured through Earth's plates making a fraction of South Africa's land cut off, forming an island.

Surprisingly there were only three deaths from the many casualties. The dead were on Boulders beach when it was already banned because of the earthquake that struck last week. Despite it being banned the teens went skimming when huge boulders crushed them. They were on a school trip from Lesotho and decided it would be fun to go skimming.

Although they have just been separated from the entire of Africa the locals just get on with their lives. All countries are playing their part to help. The disaster has put a hold on all political arrangements including Brexit which was supposed to go through this Wednesday (Theresa May is awfully frustrated).

I think the world is falling apart these days figuratively and literally! Anyway I can't do anything stuck in Manchester hospital. I hardly see anyone anymore, just my grandchildren on the occasional visit. I'm eighty-six now, never left the United Kingdom, not rich nor poor waiting for my life to end. I've had a good life.

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