Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Upside Down Land

By Amelie Jehan, year 5, Notre Dame School

Eternities ago there was a quiet place called Upside Down Land. As you could guess, it was all upside down. Everything was great there but there was one person who made everything grim. That person was Chris Rotten. He made everyone depressed and made food sour by looking at it! The only person who made things better was Penny Tonlight. She made bracelets for everyone to share and was always happy: ”Hello Chris !”

“What do you want child?”

“I made you a bracelet.”

“Well I don't need one. Now just go away you filthy maggot.”

Penny was hurt by this but didn't take it personally. She walked off with a stern look on her face.

A young business man was traveling very quickly in his car that particular day and was being sent on a job. Penny was skipping along the road, trying to get to the Flimsy Flats to see her friend Tommy. She paused to look at the flowers and she saw something move. It wasn't the breeze making it move, it wasn't windy, nor were people walking past. It was something small. Now, back to the businessman: he was now speeding along the road and answering several phones at the same time. He was a maniac. He didn't see anyone in front of him until it was too late. I know what you're thinking-"Oh no, Penny is dead." Well, I will inform you that he hit a loose branch. He had a puncture in his tyre. The business man got extremely mad. If you would like, you could call it a hissy fit. Penny noticed a grown man having a whinge so she decided to stop going to see Tommy and go to the wonderful waterfall. She finally got there but she slipped and fell.

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