Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Trouble in mystical land

By Leonie Cavignac-Taylor, year 5, Notre Dame School

One day in a far away land. If you travel across the world you will find a small island. Not just any old island a magical and mystical island full of weird and wonderful creatures and objects. But one day a family went to that island and wanted to investigate the forest but the little girl called crystal was to scared to go with them so she waited. After a few hours she was getting a bit scared. The next day they still weren’t there. One night she tried to find shelter and she found this tree house she decided to sleep in there but when she got up there she heard people singing and dancing so she went up the balcony and realised it was animals singing and dancing she was surprised. She even noticed they were talking. It was a city of animals nobody would expect that. The air she smelt was not like the normal air it smelt like a type of juice she said to the animals,”I know you can talk, dance and sing.” But the bunny said “come talk, dance and sing with us crystal.” She was in shock that they knew her name. So she just decided to hang out with animals for the whole day and because she had no more parents she wanted them to be her family and they even told her that the smell of the air changes each hour and the ice cream volcano the flavour changes each hour to and that the clouds are cotton candy and that you can fly up to the sky to eat the cotton candy. So she had the best life ever but she still wishe’s her parents were alive but has to enjoy her new life too

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