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Time City

By Sophia Roberts, year 6, Vauvert School

It was a normal day for me in Time City, I woke up and went to my Dad's work to visit him (he is the president of Time City.) Even though he is very important here I live the life of a normal girl except for my job. Every hour of every day it is my responsibility to play the magical piano, which controls the time in the whole

universe, however, although it`s a big deal to be the piano guardian (me) I never worry about playing the wrong note, which would cause people from the past or future to invade, because they`re easy to remember there is a note for every hour. It`s a bit like numbers.

Time City is a beautiful clock, some say it`s even the most spectacular clock out of all of the clock worlds floating around in nothingness. Our incredible world may be small but we`ve got everything we need: churches, schools, offices, shops and of course the magical piano. The beautiful parks have oak trees with

lime green leaves upon the delicate brown branches.

An hour had passed so I skipped off to the old cogs of the clock which were the magnificent, magical and mysterious piano. It was a wonderful sight, the piano is purple with sparkling keys.

“Good morning Lyra,” whispered Lucy the maid softly while polishing the pretty piano that shimmered in the light which flowed

through a small gap in the cogs. Even though there was very little light it was blinding. “It`s currently exactly 9:00 so you better start playing,” she whispered in that same soothing voice. I started to make my way towards the piano and started to play. It was the most lovely sound all floaty, soft and gentle. Suddenly my hand slipped, my deepest darkest nightmare…

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