Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The world of lost and found magic

By Christine Browning, year 6, La Houguette School

As they walked in the telephone box, they were going to phone, Joy and Josh’s Mum to ask if Sophie could eat at their’s tonight. They did not realise that it was the time box. As they walked in they did not know that they were going back in time. When they stepped back out of the telephone box ( time box) they arrived in their street in 605 BC and their house was made of wood, they looked across the sweet grass meadows (sweet grass is grass that is sprinkled

with sugar, sugar looks like crystals) As they walked over the sweet grass meadows, they picked a few potfuls of sweet grass.

A tribe of unicorns had multicoloured manes. The males had dark tails to scare off predators and the females had a handful of pink strands and the rest were green in their tails. This helped them camouflage themselves into their nest. All babies are born green, so that they can also camouflage themselves in the nest. They were grazing in the meadow, while the babies were playing around. Finally they got to the lost Causeway. They had never seen anything so beautiful.

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