Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The World of Games

By Tiana De Sousa, year 5, Notre Dame School

If you travel far far away on a plane, you will find a little Island .Not very big, and not many houses. The Island was called ‘The world of games’. It was popular for all its games. Yes, The world of games was just games. Everything was games. There was even a maze. Sometimes when people go in, they don’t come out. When you first enter, there is a house full of games. It has five floors and all of the floors are all games. There is Roblox, Fortnite, lucky dip and all sorts. There are also games in the roof but it is all on a computer. Down the little lane, there is a tiny little village of people. They are very lucky to live there, as they get to play games but any way. Then from the house of games, there is a pathway and there is a gaming volcano that mouses for computers come out of, and laptops come out and all exciting things. Then if you keep going down the little lane, you then come to a spooky house, and when you go inside it is really not that bad. All there is is loads of horror games and lucky dips where you get horror stuff or you get sweets or chocolate and it has horror rapping. Then there is a school; this school is full of games and has three floors. Then in their playground there is a huge maze. Then after school then is a lane you don’t walk on the lines on this path you jump the lines. Then there is a pool and it has lights in the pool and it is open for anyone. Then there is a disco with a huge place to dance.

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