Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Wood Runner

By Oliver Russell, year 6, Elizabeth College

Sam sprinted through the woods, dodging and weaving, through the mystic willows. He could see the light of the River of Dreams, but he could hear the scream of the night terror behind him. He was just meters away from the barrier, but he could feel the breath of the monsters behind him.

He dived into the River of Dreams just as the night terror was about to snatch him up. He woke up floating in the river. He knew which way to go to get the Bow of Light so he jammed his foot into the rocks to stop himself. The pain was unbearable but he knew the fate of his camp was in his hands. He had to sneak past the guards to get the Bow of Light. He hopped out of the river but he collapsed instantly because of the pain in his leg. He just got back up again only to fall down one more time.

He remembered something that his brother told him before he got snatched away from camp. The River of Dreams can heal even the most painful wounds. He dipped his leg back in the river and felt the pain go away. Now healed, he scaled the tower and jumped in through the window. He landed in the shadows. With the dwarfs looking away, he grabbed the bow and its arrows. He pulled a mini portal out his bag and he was back in the forest and lodged an arrow into his bow. He aimed into a cave where the queen night terror lay. He yelled into the cave as the queen came out. She ripped through the trees screeching and yelling. Sam didn’t move. He aimed the arrow at the queen and thought ‘for my brother’ and shot.

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