Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The wave of terror.

By Gareth Evans, year 6, Vauvert School

“We have finally found it!” John Gloomy called, and I stood next to him looking down the rocky mount.

We saw a still, dark and gloomy lake sitting far below. We could hear the whispering of the wind. The scent of the smelly, disgusting lake was in the air, with a muddy bed next to it. T

The trees reached the clouds with air scaling through them. I started to get a headache and making me feel sad from what happened years ago,

My child was climbing a tree and there was a big gust of wind. He fell down, down then BASH!

“I’m sorry son!” I called to the heavens. There were rocky mounds around the swamp. It looked like my worst nightmare.

All of a sudden a ten metre tarantula appeared from the woods. I saw it approach the lake screeching, calling for something. It had red dotted things all over its head. It had around twenty legs and these giant looking claws on his red stained mouth. It looked like a giant evil fluff ball.

I started to feel scared, anxious with tummy bugs traveling around my body. I felt like I was going to collapse.

“Are you alright?” John Gloomy questioned me.

“I don’t know, I might not be able to carry on,” I cried, squeezing my tummy.

Out of nowhere, a wave of snakes, tarantulas joined his leader. The snakes were so long, slithering with mouths full of blood. There was a dead cow in one of their mouths, I could see veins, blood and the heart.

I had a painful strike in my chest. I screamed!! They all stared at us in a scary way. Questions tunnelled through my head. Are we going to survive? All of a sudden they approached us then they bounced...

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