Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The War of the World

By Alex Litten, year 5, Vauvert School

Tajoh, Nymun and Mesopia were once peaceful places, but then the 1000 year war started, all because of the murder of a Mesopian ruler {Julius Xeander}, which was committed by {later to be executed} citizen of Tajoh Nymun. Mesopia were furious and declared war to end all wars fought on the planet. They started the 1000 year war…

“I woke up; I felt dizzy.” I was once again in Gungir where the worst of the aliens, the destroyers, lived. I was once again in my tiny apartment, in my tiny bed on the floor. I had lived in Tajoh Nymun all my life but I never ever thought I would have to go to Gungir again. Tajoh Nymun is not a pleasant place, but Gungir is worse. I regularly think that. How I wish I could live somewhere else but I am a soldier in this war so I must stay. Tajoh Nymun is such a miserable place but I am the best ranked soldier in my squadron, stronger than other people in it. Yet I feel like a China leaf, stuck in a teabag.

Today was another war, another war in Polar Mountain Isle, where the enemy Yenders' alien camp is. But I am a spy or sometimes a soldier. My spywork is not exciting, because I am the only one willing to go to the isle. They eat captured soldiers and even the yetis hide. The last time I went there I barely escaped with my life and that happened so many times, it is impossible to count. Unfortuntely for me, I know too much about the army here in Tajoh Nymun. I probably will escape but maybe not with my life. This is probably my demise but I have to go ahead…

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