Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The War between Good and Evil Guradians Rising

By Goncalo Coelho, year 5, Amherst School

One hot and steamy day there was a bad behaved Raichu. He would steal anything he sees. He would steal that and that and that, everything to be completely honest. Raichu never had a friend in his life. Accidentally, one of his servant dropped a plate of food on his foot "aaaawwww!! What was that for?" Pokemon had never seen raichu like this before; he used to be happy and joyful. But now he was mean and nasty and greedy and he would never share any of the things he stole. And he wanted to give them back. But the good pokemon will do anything to help another pokemon that is in trouble or hurt. But one day Raichu and his bad pokemon ran into the good pokemon. Raichu had a bone to pick with them: he hated the good pokemon and he wanted them out of his way and out of his life. Raichu was always jealous of them because they had way better attacks, which made him mad. So Raichu decided to to have a war tomorrow. So the good pokemon accepted Raichu's challenge. The 2nd day the good pokemon where waiting for Raichu and his bad pokemon. The good pokemon waited until tomorrow. The 3rd day the good pokemon waited for Raichu and the bad pokemon, but Raichu never came back again, so the good pokemon waited until tomorrow again. The 4th day the good pokemon waited for Raichu and the bad pokemon and Raichu never came again, so the good pokemon waited until tomorrow again. The 5th day the good pokemon waited for Raichu and the bad pokemon. This time Raichu finally came. It was finally time for the war between good and evil. Raichu was waiting for this moment. Then the good pokemon said "Raichu, we don't have to fight. Friends?" Then Raichu smiled and Raichu said "yes, friends."

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