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The Underwater City

By Monty Desforges, year 6, Hautes Capelles School

You know the phrase “if you can read this I have capsized”. Yeah, that kind of happened to me. Now I’m in a crazy new world, with singing coral and sponge houses.

Let’s rewind a bit. My name is Robin Johnson Romer. I am 12 years old. My friends call me Rob, and I will too in this, because, let’s face it, writing Robin Johnson Romer out every time is going to take quite a lot of effort and words. I was born into a sailing family, and am named after the famous sailor Robin Knox-Johnson, except calling me Robin Knox-Johnson Romer is a bit long winded. I loved sailing, and funnily enough I was sailing when it happened,

It was in the Solent, as I remember it. We were sailing in my Dad’s Melges 40,and suddenly, it rolled over. I wasn’t clipped on, and consequently was washed overboard. I did say ‘kind of’ at the start. I mean, I didn’t achally capsize. What kind of sailor capsizes, aside from liuke, a enthusiastic 11 year-old oppie sailor, with a talent for capsizing.

I couldn’t hold my breath for long and, despite sailing a lot, wasn’t a strong swimmer. After a short amout of time, my oxygen-starved lunges were craving for air. I thought water was going to flood into my lungs, but no, I breathed in air. Water apppeared to enter my mouth, but, somehow only air would pass into my lungs. I soon discovered, I couldn’t breathe out of water either.

I also descovered a large underwater city. I had heard singing in the distance, and went to investigate. It turned out it was singing coral, who lived in the ‘traditional’ sponge houses. I’ve atached a map of where it is, and the city square. One of the coral said I was lucky, it was the only sea city until Weymouth. Strange, they still use human names for places...

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