Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Two Sided Wood

By Vanessa Melngalve, year 6, Vauvert School

It was a night not so long ago, I remember the night I was killed!

I had run away from home, my mother never cared for me, I felt all alone and scared, I had no friends at school so that made me run away. I started to run into the woods. I remember hearing people talking about the woods and how creepy and dangerous they were, and how you should never enter the woods empty handed. But I didn’t care, I had nothing to live for anymore. As I ran deeper and deeper into the woods I had flashbacks of when I was young. I tried to hold back tears but I just fell to the ground and started to cry. After a few seconds I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming I was back home.

I woke up thinking I was back in my old room, but then realised I was in the same old forest I'd run into when I was mad, but now I was not mad, I was scared! But then I realised the woods seemed different, I wasn’t in the same woods I'd been in a few hours earlier, I was in a different wood!

It had two sides. It seemed like a dark side and a light side, ogres and dwarfs. I decided to go to the light side, but what a mistake I made! As I was running to the light side to see if I could get some help from someone, I suddenly fell into a hole and landed on the other side…

I didn’t know what to do! I was trapped on the dark side, I had no one to help me, I could only see ogres, then I couldn’t see anything; I was dead …

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