Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The tree of invincibility

By Samuel Russell, year 5, Elizabeth College

The sun shone down on me as I walked to my friend’s house. Ajay was at the door waiting for me.We went to his back garden. The dog, Timmy had dug a hole. I saw something shiny. I walked a bit closer to the hole and saw a very peculiar looking map.The outside of the map was crusted gold.I picked it up. It was the map of the island.

“Ajay come look at this”. Me and Ajay stared blankly at the map. “Well what are we waiting for?” I said.

“Let’s go!” So we set of for misty mountains. So our first objective was to get across the valley famously known as Gangster valley. I asked Ajay if he knew how to get across the valley. He said he had seen a bridge there so we set of to the bridge. On the way I saw a little wooden shack. It had a helipad attached to it. Finally we got there. It was an old rickety bridge. It looked like the bridge was made in 1876. We walked across the bridge as we walked it creaked. When we had crossed the bridge we looked at the map again. “So next we have to go to frying forest”. It is called frying forest because it has been on fire for more than 300 years. I didn’t want to go through frying forest but I had no choice. We walked through it. It smelled like burning bacon mmm. There was only one tree that hadn’t been burnt, it was called tree of invincibility. After around 30 minutes we got through it. Next was raining ruins we had to through it secretly because it was guarded by police. We snuck in. “CLUNCK”. I accidentally knocked a vase over and it smashed on the floor ooops……

To be continued

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