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The roots to fairy tales

By Marcia De Carteret, year 6, La Houguette School

Staring in amazement at what looked like huge oak tree but was in fact a ginormous tree made entirely from her imagination. Little Red began to climb. She had to get the key from the ogre who lived at the top of the tree. A couple of weeks ago the ogre emerged from the tree and locked all of the roots to the fairy tales so none of the characters could leave their books. She was the only one who escaped so she decided to save everyone.

It had only been a couple of minutes and she had already climbed half way up the trunk. Suddenly her hand brushed against a long

sharp stick. She looked up and saw a stick with eyes and a mouth.

“Who are you?” said Little Red.

“I'm I”


“Well, look at me,” she looked him up and down he had to three lines one vertical line in the middle and two on the top and the bottom.

“Oh you’re the letter I. Well I’m Little Red, hello. I’m sorry but i've got to go." She edged closer and tried to go past.

“Not so fast I'm here for a reason you know. I am the guardian of the key so if you want it you must help me."

Little Red stared up at a tall branch up there was a small kitten. "It’s Mr Snuggles, my cat," he said with a tear in his eye.

"If you want the key your going to have to get him down.”


“I know I need the dwarfs, the dwarfs! you!”

"Fine I'll let them out. We can climb up there easy peasey.”

Suddenly they began to climb within a second. They had got the cat.

“THank you," said I with a smile on his face whilst hugging his cat. “All right i’ll give you the key.”


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