Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The quest to get home

By Hugo Allen, year 6, Elizabeth College

As I looked back at what I’d just been through, pleased with myself, I carried on to journey over the Bridge of Death, worried about what would await me on my quest home. The bridge was long but I hoped that I could withstand the dangers that awaited me. I could not see anyone, but I knew that there would be people there that wanted me dead. As I made my way near the first step, an arrow came flying towards me. I thought that it was a warning telling me to leave, but I would not let that stop me now. So I made my first step on the bridge but, not to my surprise, more arrows came flying towards me. As I ran over the bridge, I dodged the arrows. Finally I made it. I could not see anyone but they were there. I had no clue where the treasure was so I set off on my journey to find the thing that would give me the power to get home. And so I set off into what seemed a deserted camp. All of a sudden, seven figures wearing masks appeared. They were holding sharp spears and bows, all loaded and pointed at me. I dropped to the ground with my hands up. But my head bumped on something hard. It was the treasure and so I grabbed it, but things fell out as I ran. Once I had lost them, I took some time to catch my breath. I was astonished by what gems lay inside the chest but, as the old man said, there was only one gem with the power to take me home. I touched it and I was home in my bed.

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