Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By George Le Page, year 4, Elizabeth College

Eventually, I caught up with James. He was already up the stairs and into the Pokey Centre. The day had come we were going to get our first Pokemon. James got to choose first. He picked a Fennakin, the fire type Pokemon. I chose a Froakie, the water type Pokemon. Afterward we had a battle: I won because water is affective to fire. I said “Let’s go to Route 1.”

“I can’t because I have to say bye to parents.” James replied.

“Oh, I’ll go by myself then,” I said sadly and off I went by myself. As soon as I got to Route 1, I encountered a Flechling. I weakened it till it almost fainted. I threw a Pokeball and I caught my first pokemon. Next came a Weedle: I killed it. When I got a little bit further I found a Balbasaur: I threw a Pokeball at it. I caught another starter pokemon; I had a Froakie, a Flechling, a Balbasaur. I made it to Route 2. On Route 2 there was a Latios and Latias, there were lots of Abras and Kadabras and Alakasams. I caught all of them so I got on Alakasam and teleported to Dragon hill where I first met James. As I landed I saw James waiting for me with his Fennakin. I was very excited to see him. I hadn’t seen him in years; well at least it seemed like years. As I got off Alakasam he disappeared. I thought he must have Alakasam, but with invisibility, so I punched the place where're James was: I heard him shout “OW!” Then he turned out to be the evil wizard: he was so angry he pushed me off the edge. I was so scared about dying I didn’t see the ledge ahead

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