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The old island

By Roxanne Trump, year 6, Notre Dame School

The old island

One day there was an entertaining island and all it was was sand and sand, also one lonely tree (in fact a coconut tree actually). A couple of days later there was a funny noise. What was it? You can hear a big thunderstorm brewing up!

Oh dear, there is only one the one lonely tree left. Oh no, it's too late, there are no more trees left, but you will be able to find five tree seeds if you look carefully. When trees fall on this island they will give you five more seeds. They will only grow on this island, so find them and there will be five more trees in five seconds.

There was only one little cottage at the top, by where the old tree was, but nobody lived in it. So one day this man came up to this funny looking cottage and said, "This looks old and spooky."

He went up to it and tried to open the door. Well, it wasn't locked so let's go in.

So he went in the spooky house, should I say cottage. It was so old that there were bats hanging from the ceiling. There was a note on the old fireplace saying ….

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