Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Luke Elliott, year 6, Elizabeth College

I wandered near small trees where my helicopter crashed and wanted to stay near the helicopter so I didn’t get lost, but I saw some bright eyes in the spooky midnight and ran! I freaked out and ran to where there was the most cover and found the most enormous thing I had ever seen, it was the massive misty me tree! I jogged a long way and saw the weirdest thing I had ever seen, the island's sambal. It was curved, bumpy and even had some right angles!! I moved on and saw the contagious crater. I jogged over to it and found some burnt trees too. I strolled along a little path and got to a kingdom and found the entrance. I saw inside the beautiful abandoned kingdom. The kingdom was colourful and gleamed like the sun and I looked out the window and saw a horrible devastating crack so I left the kingdom. On a bridge leading over the forbidden crack I saw the tremendously evil sea and felt sick. It led me to the doom drum banging my head in, and left, to the mound of mind-set. It was a vibrating mound of mud calming me and letting go of the fear of being here forever. I was so thirsty and had weird visions of rivers and finally found one, the river Ruuqrak. It was heaven, the river had its one sea salt machine to make clean water and then I had a rest. I woke up and saw a living disaster, the Feisty fingers and found the laser lord sword and I pulled it out and I was able to fly!! I flew to malty mountains and went through the trees to crusty cove and saw the skull of dull death and stayed in the crown kingdom forever until I died!

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Imaginary World

By Gemma Le Page, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

In my world a lot of it is to do with racing because that's what I enjoy...

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By Barton Wilkes, year 6, Elizabeth College

He started to get serious. Rob arrived at Dinosaur Island in his mission to defeat the dinosaur king...

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By Harry Phillips, year 6, Elizabeth College

Trev, Rob and Tim were roaming around wailing woods. It felt as if someone big and powerful was look...

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Small land

By Kaleb Gardner, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

They landed in a very small land where there was a sign saying ‘small land’

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The School Trip

By Chloe Ferbrache, year 10+, St Sampson’s School

The School Trip “Come on!” Troye exclaimed. Abby, Troye and Bella were on a school trip. One they’d...

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Seaicon City

By Hollie Archenoul, year 5, Vauvert School

In an Imaginary world under the seam live millions of little Seaicorns, unicorns that live under the sea...

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By Anton Pauckner, year 10+, Elizabeth College

“Duncan, light the furnace,” Bellowed the Captain, “We need to rise.” The sirens rang and the cor...

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Cleidus and the Piff n’ Poff

By Joseph Gaudion, year 9, St Sampson’s School

It was a lovely sunny afternoon in northern Crumblecroft and Cleidus was walking through the town an...

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Deep Blue Dream

By Levi Valpied, year 7, St Sampson’s School

When I was little I dreamed of going to the big blue but today that childhood dream came true. At 1...

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By Zaheer Anees, year 7, Elizabeth College

“Why are you outside, boy? For your entire life I’ve strictly ordered you to stay inside the mansion!...

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