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The Mystery School

By Cameron Mahy, year 3, Hautes Capelles School

Dear diary

19th July 2019

Today I have moved to a very, very popular school called “The Mystery School”. It’s very exciting my friends told me, but I found out its high up in the clouds. It’s scary because I am scared of heights and being in the clouds nearly every day gave me a fright.

It’s been a week of horror going up in the clouds for school, and a couple hours later, flying straight down again. Today I’m heading to school with no friends. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make at least a couple friends. I’m at school and I’m going to go and ask this nice looking girl to be my friend.

“Hey, do you wanna be friends?” I said.

“Oh, umm… sure my name is Alyssa.”

“My name's Alex,” I said, then we had to rush to class quickly.

We had science class, we were doing something but I didn’t really listen to Mr. Watson. It’s lunch now so I say to Alyssa, “Do you want to sit next to me for lunch?”

“Yeah,” Alyssa said.

We sat down and then the teachers said we can eat. I had a cheese sandwich. Alyssa and I played a game called who knows me best where someone asks a question like “how old am I” and you have to say the answer then it would be your turn to ask a question, and you would keep going.

In the middle of me asking a question Alyssa looked like she had seen a ghost, she said, “Sorry I just saw something weird. I’m sure it was a bird."

But she looked again and screamed “DRAGON!”

Everyone suddenly was screaming there were fireballs everywhere. People were running wildly in every direction. The next day the school was no ,sadly.

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