Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Mysterious Holiday Resort

By Amara Newbegin, year 6, Amherst School

On June 13th, a few friends went on a holiday. Sage, Olivia, Ryder, Seb and Summer went to a resort, across the sea. They had their holiday for two weeks. This would be a strange holiday. On June 27th, Sage, Olivia and Summer were having a final pool day, before they had to catch the boat later. The boys went off fishing. Later, they went back to the room to get their luggage. They only had 15 minutes. Once they had their stuff, they tried getting out of their room, but they got locked in!!

“Ahhhhhhh! We're locked in! This is a disaster!” Summer yelled, waking up almost everyone in the hotel.

“Summer, we're gonna live. Let’s just jump out of the window!” the boys suggested.

“What? No way are we jumping out of a window,” Sage replied.

After a while of screaming, forgetting they had a boat to get on, someone walked in…

“I came to rescue you,” the voice called.

It was Charlie-Rose.

“Thanks!” Seb said, running away.

She said she couldn’t get them to the village by morning, so they would have to stay with a crazy lady until morning. Her name was….. Granny-McNugget.

They arrived at her house. Charlie showed them their rooms and left.

“Hello. You'd better get some sleep,” she explained.

At 2am, everyone awoke. Granny-McNugget was gone! She was still heard though. They went downstairs and found her, lying on her floor. She was dripping purple blood! A ghost must have tried eating her and gave her a hole in the brain!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH! DEATH IS NEAR US! RUN!” Olivia yelled, running around the ghostly Granny-McNugget! They all just ran outside, to the ocean and swam home! They got to their own beds by morning, and never went to the resort again!

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