Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The mushroom live

By skye gardner, year 6, Vauvert School

Once upon a time there were 2 mushrooms, a mummy and baby. The mummy had a red top and white spots the baby had a blue top and white spots. They lived in the best forest in the world. There were trees as tall as skyscrapers, leaves as green as a countryside field. The flowers as beautiful as the solar system. The best thing of all is how friendly all the plants are and how chatty the blue bells are. But one day the baby mushroom wanted to explore outside the forest.

The mummy mushroom said happily, "Yes we should, it will be fun!"

Then the baby mushroom replied, "When are we going to go?"

The mummy mushroom said whilst jumping up and down, "TOMORROW!"

The next day the baby and the mummy mushroom said, " Bye bye, see you again soon."

As they left they saw a dog with super sharp teeth and a cat with super sharp claws. They looked up and the sun was as bright as a light shining in your eyes. They even met a plant they had never seen before (which was a weed) so they became friends. The sky was as crystal blue as the sea and clouds as fluffy as cotton candy. The clouds were even pink, blue and purple which was incredible. The sun was as beautifull as a sunflower. The baby mushroom found a new friend. They asked it scaredly, "Do you know where the closest garden is?"

The new best friend replied, "The closest garden is across the deadliest road in the world, there are monsters, giants, ogres and the three billy goats gruff." The baby's hopes went down 50 per cent. They reached the road. They took one step then two more. SOMETHING happend. The baby...

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