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The Misty Mountains

By Gabriel Buchanan, year 6, Notre Dame School

The Misty Mountains

The misty mountains, the doom crags, the hills of death, whatever you like to call them they are the deadliest mountains the world has ever seen! The tops of them look like fingernails because of there snowy tips white tips, but underneath they are black and lifeless, shattered with silence. Nothing stirs nothing moves, nothing has for thirty years. The largest of them is Mount Jayden, named after the brilliant young man who climbed it. But he is also the only person who has climbed it! This tale is about Jayden’s two adorable sons… Corey and Stefano. Jayden’s sons idolized their famous father, they never stopped thinking about how they would match their father's bravery. Standing at 42000 metres high Mount Jayden is a force to be reckoned with!

At first, the Mount Jayden looks impossible to climb but as you get closer it looks different… It looks even more stupidly hard!

Two to three thousand metres of sheer straight rock! Only one way up and only one way down. After the rock face there is a twenty thousand metre track (roughly twelve point five miles) which is leading up toward the forest (about a day's walk). The next danger thrown at you is the forest, filled with all the dangerous animals you can think of Tigers, Lions, Leopards and Jaguars! This is the part most people fail, either eaten, or they turn back traumatized at the idea of being eaten alive. But what drove Jayden on was the thought of returning home to his beautiful wife Darcy!

After the the forest is a much more enjoyable experience, a warm almost tropical river were you can relax after your hard journey before putting on your snow gear and driving on to the top…

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