Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Mirror

By Mederic Le Conte, year 4, Blanchelande School

‘’Jack! Time to get ready for bed!’’ My mum calls in a sweet voice whilst doing some cooking and other stuff. I stop playing with Ruler-ruler play-ling from the school work gang, and put it away with Math book-square, Gobbling pencil case and Leady the pencil. I get into my pyjamas and look into the mirror. In my reflection my skin is light purple, my top is dark purple and my jeans are blue. I look down and my skin is skin color, my top is light blue and my jeans are blue. My reflection in the mirror stays still even if I move. Suddenly the mirror

explodes BOOM! I get loads of cuts and fall backwards and everything turns black… I wake up and I am not in my bedroom.

Whatever I am on, it is very soft. I stand up and I notice the grass is pink. I dig and the dirt and mud is purple. I suddenly notice the mirror is about five meters away. I move one meter towards it, it moves one meter back. I move with confidence one meter back; it moves one meter towards me.

Suddenly an alien-like figure leaps out of the mirror. I get an idea. I move one meter back and the mirror moves one meter towards me and knocks the alien over! I sprint fast as the alien rolls down the hill. I am in great danger. I stop dead in my tracks as a giant purple octopus-like tentacle forms from the ground.

‘’Aaagghhhh!!!’’ I scream as a deep voice says, ‘’I am your evil twin and I will take over your popularity at school, steal your friends and steal your toys!’’

‘’No! You wouldn’t dare!’’ I scream.

I did not know what to do at all.Do you? Who does?

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