Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Magical Forest

By eloise cook, year 5, Amherst School

An exciting day! There was a wonderful, ginger deer with white spots and sharp, pointy ears.She was sprinting around the lush green garden. She felt safe in her greenland of smelly flowers. The smell of fresh country air wafted across her face through the trees. Amber decided to go for a walk while the bright, golden sun was out. While she was on her walk she stopped by a magical forest. It was like a magical, green garden in a kingdom. Majestic, tall trees stood proud like soldiers with blooming bluebells. Amber thought ‘’Should I go in there? Yes" . So she jogged in the forest . Soon after it was getting to the time of darkness. But she was lost. She turned around and Amber had found her paw prints. Soon after she got back to her greenland. She heard a noise. Amber ran into the bush and peeked through a hole of dirty, brown leaves. It was another deer that looked just like her. She jumped out of the green bush and shouted " Get Out!". The deer sprinted away in a fright but Ambers was game to play with her. They ran around playing with each other for hours. The time came for Amber's friend to leave. Soon it was tea time and she had to go hunt for bark and water. She went back into the magic woodland and hunted for bark. She came out of the jungle and had her food and water. She went to sleep in the middle of the garden but then the deer had came back. He was by the bush eating leaves. Amber got up and said: " Get out of my Greenland!" so the deer sprinted off in fright. Amber went to bed right away and the deer was out of sight completely.

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