Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Magic Well

By Olivia Dorey, year 4, Blanchelande School

Exploring the wood, I saw a well. To me it seemed peculiar, so I went closer. I tripped and fell in. Though instead of feeling water I felt grass! I suddenly realised the wood had mud. I panicked.

Then a voice said, “Don’t worry.” I couldn’t work out where the voice came from. “Up here,” it said cheerfully. So up I looked and I saw a tree with special and wrinkled bark. “Look around,” the tree said. So around I looked. It was beautiful, like sparkling mushrooms and glittering grass. I saw a door. I knocked. The door creaked open and a huge slimly green, warty monster showed up. I screamed.

“Please don’t scream,” cried the monster. I ran away suddenly. BAM, darkness.

“HELP!” I screamed again. I poked a hole in the sack but I was being carried by a TREE! A TREE! I mean, I could have escaped at any time obviously.

“Mwah ha ha ha. Evil tree does it again,” he sniggered. I kicked the tree, escaped and ran back to the wise tree.

“Why did the evil tree capture me?” I questioned.

“Because you screamed at the monster,” he laughed. “Ha ha ha.”

My face was going very red now. “Not funny," I said.

“Actually it is," he replied. I was getting annoyed so I stormed off stamping. I looked down like I always do when I’m in a bad mood, only I saw a sparkly trail. I looked around and I saw more than before. Houses in trees, mini tables and chairs and in the middle a huge tree with all sorts of stuff on it, toys, cars, weird creatures.

“Get back!” a small voice said. I ignored it and went closer. “If you don’t step back I will fire.”

I ignored it…..



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