Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Magic Bucket

By Freddie Newman, year 5, Vauvert School

Hi, I’m Henry and I want to tell you a story.

This is about when a volcano was going to erupt right next to a big castle, set in the middle of a mountainous island called Grass Meadow. Nearby was a lake with a magic bucket that only I had. I’m nineears old and I am poor, but I needed to go and help. So I set off to the Ocean Blue Lake, 100 metres away. There are monsters lurking in the long venom green grass trying to stop me, but I would not let them So I ran away until I came across the boss monster, he was mad. I had defeated his town and I was fighting him, then I remembered I had a knife from all my grass cutting and I stabbed him in his fat slimy tummy .He gave up and I got to the lake. I made it to the diamond blue lake. I filled my bucket and was on my way back to the castle.

Grass Meadow is a nice place. It has a forest with birds singing . Sometimes when people break the rules we need to help. Not everyone listens and they sometime go to places they shouldn’t. A young boy became trapped at the castle. It was up to me and my magic bucket to help. All went well UNTIL the owner showed up. He was furious and we had a battle in Green Emerald Meadow. He had more weapons, but I had my magic bucket which turned people into water . He was a rich man who thought he had it all. Little did he know that a bucket of water could have so much power….

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