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The Lost Land

By Aimee Duckworth, year 6, Hautes Capelles School

Once upon a time there was four eager friends Summer, Emily, Harry and Dylan, that loved going on adventures! They had travelled to many unknown mythical lands…

Emily had been given a map of The Lost Land by her grandpa, so one day the four friends made a plan to visit the island. They strolled down to the harbour where they climbed onto their little wooden sailing boat and set sail out to sea. When they were nearly half way there Summer and Harry spotted a group of dolphins jumping in and out of the water, they then carried on their adventure and when they finally got to the Lost Land, they were all gobsmacked at how pretty it was.

The four friends walked across the whole island and they saw a rapid river, clear crystal cove, sandstone creek, forgetful forest, streegal point, little fairy house a glimpse of skull rock and mermaid lagoon, which were all places shown on the map. It was all happy until they saw creepy cottage, it was very strange. The two places that interested them the most on the map were mermaid lagoon and forgetful forest, so they had a good old look around those places and that's when they made friends with the mermaid and the fairy, but they had not realised that an old lady lived in that cottage… The mermaid told the four friends that no-one had ever seen the old lady!

The four friends were intrigued to find out more about the old lady, so they decided to visit her. So they quietly tiptoed up to the cottage and Dylan anxiously knocked on the door....the door slowly creaked open and a small old wrinkly lady with a walking stick stood in the doorway.

The old lady asked the friends what they were doing on the island as no visitors ever came to see her. Emily explained about the map her grandpa had given her and how the friends wanted to explore the island. Summer thought the old lady would have been cranky, but actually she was very friendly and invited the children in for a drink, so she could tell them all about the island.

It started to get late so the children said they would have to get home. The old lady asked the children to visit her again so she could tell them more stories of The Lost Land.

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