Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

the lost girl

By Amia Lazarou, year 5, Amherst School

There was a boy named Alfie who went on a Quest to find the lost girl.He went with his older brother Tom .They went to a place they had never been before it was beautiful but scary they did not want to go to crok river “which way should we go”said alfif

“this way “They had to climb up

“ we made it “ shouted Tom

” finally” said Alfie

in a tired voice theymade it to the cloud of joe the ground was fluffy they lost track of time playing on the chocolate slide that was full of silky smooth chocolate.

” it's 12oc lok” Tom said

“we gotta go right now “

so they set of on their journey they came across jiggly jelly island

” how do we get throw “ said Alfie

“ there's only one way to” raplid Tom

“eat it” screamed both of them

they munched and munched and they made it out

“Im stuffed’ said Tom

but They had to carry on they wanted to be the heroes of the town they got to carry on they got to the swarm of spiders and the weather completely changed there was a storm . lightning was striking. Rain was pouring down .They had to run to make it spiders were chasing them “run faster “

They made it out they went on and on. They were wet and cold the wind was blowing hard and the rain was crashing down. The night going on still determined to find the lost girl. They ended up at crok river they jumped in and swam as fast as the could . With krokodils coming from there left and right. They finally made it and at that moment they saw a very strange looking man

“who is that ?“

“ I don't know ”run”!!

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