Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Jack Blazina, year 5, Elizabeth College

Deep in the Alps, an evil force slowly grew, stronger, and, stronger. The evil ice king rose from the grave hungry for revenge.

In polar peak our hero lies, waiting to arise, but yet does he know danger lies within. Rupert our hero wore ragged shorts and a ripped and tattered shirt with rather ridged shoes.

The ice king was coming. He was going to cast a spell that would cover the world in ice and snow. The ice king climbed to polar peek and started to cast his spell. “Alakazam alacazoo let this world be frozen all over!” bellowed the ice king. A giant wave of snow rushed along the land, it knocked planes out the sky, boats out the water.

Rupert was flung out of polar peek and was pelting towards Moisty mire. He hit a tree the ricocheted off in to a deep dark puddle. Rupert got up and was confused as to why Moisty mire was covered in snow. He heard a non-human like sound. “Who’s there?” shouted Rupert feeling terrified then he heard it again. “Answer me” Rupert said felling a little bit braver than before. “Why have you entered my home you fool” shrieked the creature.

“Finally an answer” Rupert said triumphantly. Then the creature leapt from tree to tree then leapt towards Rupert. He picks up a rock and launches it towards his head and ‘splat’ right on the creatures head. Rupert zoomed out of Moisty mire.

Rupert stumbled across a jungle. Vines, bushes, leaves, and trees everywhere Rupert could barely see a thing he wondered a saw a blue apple. He thought to himself, I haven’t eaten In 5 days. Rupert took the risk. It turns out that it was safe. But Rupert heard rustling and he was scared

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