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The Lava King

By Sam Oliver, year 6, Elizabeth College

It was terrifying. Going up the volcano in a rickety carriage is an experience you definitely don’t want to be in, especially when it’s with this sketchy dude who has fire coming off his arm.

The trip to the top of the volcano took about 30 minutes, but it’s not your typical road trip. Oh no, it’s bad and I can say that for sure. I didn’t really know why I was going there but I just remember waking up in a cell and being told I would die today by a man who said he was the Lava King.

When we got to the top the Lava King explained that he was going to push me into the lava for no reason. I didn’t know why me and not my annoying sister, Clara.

I knew I was too young to die so I thought, who cares, I’m just going to fight him. If you’re ever with a dude who has fire on his arms and is double your age, height and strength, take this advice, don’t mess with him, he’ll beat you up. That’s what happened to me at least. I might just be weak. I was trying to punch him, kick him, even bite him once, but he would always dodge and whack me with all his might. I thought this would be the end for me.

He had been beating me up for about ten minutes and I thought I would just have to jump in when he came racing at me with his colossal fist. But then, somehow, I managed to move out of the way just in time.

He was going so quickly towards me that he couldn’t stop when I dodged, so he fell into the lava, but little did I know…

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