Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Land of Mystery

By Gil Hunter, year 6, Elizabeth College

I huddled in a corner, petrified, as it searched for me with those green eyes, staring for some movement. I let out a squeak, but that was enough. I’d blown my cover. The robot attacked and sent me sprawling towards the door. I ran faster than ever before to the village. When I got to the village the barrier slammed down over my head forcing the robot away.

As soon as I heard that the robot had gone away, I sprinted for the door with no time to lose. I had to get to my friend. I figured that the place that the robots would take him would be the dungeon, because that place just screamed robots! So I set off, but before long I came across another robot who was guarding the rickety bridge, so I decided I would use a distraction. I threw my boomerang over one way and I ran the other way, just in time for the bridge to break behind me.

When I reached the deadly desert, I could hear the whining of the robots' engines from here. I sprinted towards the dungeons, but that was a big mistake. I realised that it was a trap. When I realised this I tried to turn back, but I was being stalked by hundreds of robots.

They led me inside towards the centre of the dungeon. There I met what was probably the king of the robots. I remember this one clearly from the day he’d invaded the village and killed my family. I tried to attack him but I was being held back.

"Take him to the lava pit," he said.

I got there and saw them preparing, they were off guard. I knew what I needed to do, it was now or never.

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