Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Land Of Games

By Harry Smith, year 6, Elizabeth College

As I walked cautiously out of my old rundown house I felt the cold air brush the side of my face. I was going to meet my friend Raptor because we were going on a journey to The Tree Of Life; well, that was our goal. I grabbed my old faded blue bag and set off anxiously into the distance to meet Raptor, hoping when I got there I could see his, no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t come off. I tried tugging it, ripping my bag and snapping the branch but I had to leave my bag and carry on or I would be late.

As the day came to an end I met Raptor and we camped in the most beautiful spot. We were in hammocks under the stars, the moon was shining so bright I was amazed. In the morning we set off on our way to The Tree Of Life. As we got deeper into our trek we got more and more tired and started to walk slower and slower until we were fast asleep on the most comfortable piece of earth in the world: it felt like I had just sunk into a piece of foam and couldn’t get out. When we woke up we were starving; we were so ravenous that, before we could stop eating, we had eaten all the food we had in Raptor's bag.

We were finally there, standing on the dark burnt grass. “Where had it gone?” I thought, as I walked around what used to be The Tree Of Life but now was a black burnt piece of wood that stood there, not tall and proud, but sad and lonely.

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